...been along huge long time since I have posted, but then you already know that....Time seems to go by at the blink of an eye these day...Mia is almost three...THREE!!!! I can hardly believe it.

Parenting is hard...HARD work I tell you...but it also the most rewarding thing ever...Mia is the most sweetest baby(I cant even call her that anymore whaaaa!) and the most demanding, opinionated, stubborn, cutest, loving, cranky and so not the morning baby (there I go again..) I think I am in denial that she is growing up right before my eyes...I am so proud of all she has accomplished but so sad to see the baby years go...she really is growing up into a little(big)girl now..

Some recent pics..

Hard to believe that she has grown up from this precious little baby

To my precious little girl

My Wings!


Daddy's princess.
It is so hard to believe that a year has passed to the day, since Mia was place in our arms. She has changed so much, heck, Rich and I have changed so much....I can't imagine our life without her now...You know, when you go into this parenthood thing, you go in with all kinds of expectations of what kind of parent you are going to be. I was no exception to this rule, but I realized it doesn't matter what parent you thought you would be, as long as you are the parent she needs you to be. Some days I get it right, some days I get it horrendously wrong, but I hope I am growing in that aspect every day. I love how being Mia's mom, makes me WANT to grow, to change and be a better mom, a better person. Amazing how one tiny human can make such a difference..and here I thought that I was going to be the one helping HER to grow up, lol.

I would like to take this time to thank everyone for their support this past year, not only when waiting for our referral, for travel and such, but for just being there...It is true, "it takes a whole village to raise a child", I could not have done it without my family and friends, cyber friends included!

Here are some pics of Mia, as she was then and as she is now....a miracle!



The first time ever I saw your face
I thought the sun rose in your eyes
And the moon and the stars were the gifts you gave
To the dark and the end of the skies.......

This day was only to be surpassed by the day we held you in our arms for the first time. We love you so much!

A few side comments:

Leigh...that thing you emailed me about sending you. I haven't forgot about it, I will be sending it this week, I promise!!

Deb...I am such a sucky friend, I just read the email you sent about Eliza. I am so sorry, just so damned sorry. Many hugs to you and your family....

And for the person who is posting their pervy links on my blog, please stop. It is so uncool! I would hate to have to moderate each comment or take the blog down.....but I will, if forced too
Well, if no one is, it will be no great surprise to me! Who am I? Well the old me was called "Jenny", the new me is called "Supreme Slacker to lazy to update her blog"! In my defense, I work 8hrs a day at a full time job, when I get home I spend the remaining 3-4 hours glued to Mia's side. I know you all understand, I love you for that.

Anywho...We have all been doing great. Mia is growing like a weed. She has ten teeth now and she knows how to use them, heh. She is constantly on the go, walking like a champ! I sometimes still cannot believe that this little girl is here. It's like a miracle that I get to relive day after day...She has change SO much since she has been home. To make my point, here are some before and after pics.

I cannot believe how much I love this child, I truly love her. It wasn't always like this, *gasp*, really to be honest it wasn't. I mean I loved her, but it was a different love. When we first met her and brought her home, I think I was still in shock that, (a)someone felt I was worthy enough to have this beautiful child placed in my arms and, (b) holy shiznit, I am a MOM!! Now what do I do!.
I don't want to get all gushy or corny and talk about love oozing out of me (haha, Rich), but really it took me awhile to feel that love of a mother for her child, to feel that connection...and it's the bestest feeling...I belong to her...

Ok, now what you all are really here for. What!!?? I am under no illusion that you all really come here to read my amazing words of insight, hehe. I will try to go in some kind of order here...

1st Birtday!

Like my hat?!

Me and Pap Pap

Me and Grandma

Hey, let me out!

Wheee, I love the swing! (for like a second)

At a my cousin's wedding in April (excuse mommy's big nose, heh)

Mom, would you please stop taking my picture so I can eat, sheesh!

At the Zoo!

Me and Daddy

Getting ready for my first swim!

I held onto this bottle of sunblock the whole time, always wear your sunscreen!!

Spaghetti Madness!

Me and my new set of wheels..

and you are like the biggest loser ever, because it's been over a month since you posted on your own blog, not to mention your friends blogs, heh.

Really, I do apologize to the faithful for continuing to haunt my blog, even though I have been MIA while being a mom to Mia. I started back to work at the end of January and when I get home, I spend all my time just being with her. By the time she goes to bed, I am ready for bed(lazy) and I can't blog from bed, so there you are...So here are some updates on my sweet little dumpling;

She is crawling like a champ and cruising the furniture like a pro. She stood up on her own yesterday, her dad and I witnessed the great event and thought she was just the smartest baby ever! She was sick with a stomach virus last week, that proceeded to wipe out the rest of the family, heh, that's my girl! Her Grammy Blanche has been watching Mia while Rich and I work, she and Mia have bonded really well, so glad. We are still working on her sleeping issues, but they are better, MUCH better!
I know, I know! Where are the pictures! Well, if I could open up the computer without Mia swarming to it like a moth to a flame, I probably could post some. Seriously, the girl loves the computer and screeches like a banshee if she sees you on it and you have the nerve not to invite her to play..
I hope you are all well, I'll catch up on your blogs, I swear I will and I'll post those pictures I promised to post....someday... :o)
My sweet little girl turns 1 today! Saturday is the big party with family. I just hope that it doesn't snow too bad that day.

The following video is dedicated to my sweet Mia. Every time she hears this song, she stops whatever she is doing and listens ever so intently, bobs her head to the music and smiles..Love you baby girl...takes us away with you, my love...

Happy Birthday from Mommy and Daddy!

Hope everyone has a great New Year's. Stay safe out there!