I know I haven't posted in awhile, but there really hasn't been anything new to report since the last batch of referrals come in. It's the middle of the month and rumors are starting to trickle in about the cut off date of the next batch of referrals. ( I use this term hesitantly, since they are not rumors per say, but rather rumors of rumors). Anywho, bad case scenario would be a cut off of 10/10, good case would be 10/17. I am really not caring too much, I just want the referrals to come so CCAA can move on to the next group. One month finished is one month closer to us,,,
Went and saw Blood Diamond tonight, what a great movie. Leo Dicaprio has sure come a long way since Titanic, hubba hubba, but more importantly it kinda puts things in to perspective. I mean, how can I complain about the referral wait, it seems so trivial,when there are people being killed and enslaved in Africa for the sake of diamonds. It kinda makes a person sick, the pain and misery that greed can cause...

Well, I hope everyone is doing well, *hugs*
March'06 is still in the Review Room.....February is out. Hopefully we wont be in there too much longer, but the end of March is big (meaning alot of dossiers logged in)..so it might be taking CCAA awhile to get thru it. So we are sitting tight and hoping no questions come our way, that will hold up our dossier from going to the Pending Referral room, keep your fingers crossed.....

What does this mean, well, it means that any family who logged in with CCAA between 9/8 up to and including 9/27 of 2005 got their referrals today. While it's great that CCAA matched 19 days of LID's, they still haven't managed to finish September'05.
I guess I have to look at this way, its one more step closer to our referral.
However, I think I should prepare everyone, we most likely will not have our daughter by Christmas this year, our referral possibly, it's most likely that we will be traveling to China early 2008. I am not posting this to depress anyone, I just want you to be well informed also. The waiting will be hard, but last year went so fast, we can only pray this year will fly by also..

Ok enough of the sucky news and on to me posting pictures of the newest addition to the family, my greatniece Kalia (sp?) what a cutie!!!