Kim, our referral contact from Great Wall China Adoptions, called to see how we were doing. I said we were doing ok, but last year was really hard for us, with the wait and all. She said, that CCAA has about 120 families a month, withdrawing from the program. Kim said she doesn't know if that will affect "us", since we are so close to referral. Did I really say "close"?? I guess having a year to go, IS getting close in the China adoption world. Hah! She did stress though, that China's IA program is in no threat closing down, so that's a good thing! Kim also said that, she has had a lot of March '06 families withdrawal as well. Knowing that March '06 is a big month, it makes me wonder if that will impact us. Kim did say that we "should" have a referral by the end of the year and travel sometime in early '09. Rich doesn't believe it, but I think only time will tell. I do think that we are closer now, rather than farther away, I could also be delusional.
If what she said, is true, I can only hope this year goes fast!! Heck, it's already the end of February!
CCAA managed to do 9 days of referrals. While it is an increase, there is nothing to say that it will be the same next month. For the past two years, CCAA has sent in very small batches around Chineses New Years, about 3 days worth. So, while I am pretty happy about the nine days (Ha! never thought I'd say THAT), I know that CCAA can bring the hammer down next month.
I am happy for the families that go referrals, for it means, that some sweet little girl or boy has found their forever family!
Why the picture? I just thought it was pretty!