Rumors are starting to come out, that the cutoff for December of '05 is the 12th. Which would be a good thing. I can't help wonder, given the time of year, are we in for another Trick, or a Treat this month........I guess we'll find out soon!

CCAA has finished matching families up to 11/30/05. I am holding onto hope that things will speed up, but I don't have the rose colored glasses on anymore. I know full well, that CCAA is going to do whatever they want, still sucks though.
Because it just dawned on me that it took 6 looonnnnggg months to get thru November 2005.
Referrals came in yesterday, they made it up to 11/30/2005. YIPEE, that CCAA finally got it done, YIKES, that March 2006 seems almost as big. Even more disturbing, is that there are rumors floating around the IA community, that CCAA has matched thru December 2005 into January 2006, but are only sending out small batches. What up wit dat!!!
So, it seems that there really is a quota (though CCAA wont say so), so it doesn't "matter" how many babies they have ready, they will only refer out a certain amount. Makes sense, given the severe slow down and it is severe, only matching 6 days out of a month, one month at a time. What a friggin nightmare....

p.s. don't worry folks, there will come a day when I will post about happy things, Like endless sleepless nights, diaper blow outs and throw up ....:)