and you are like the biggest loser ever, because it's been over a month since you posted on your own blog, not to mention your friends blogs, heh.

Really, I do apologize to the faithful for continuing to haunt my blog, even though I have been MIA while being a mom to Mia. I started back to work at the end of January and when I get home, I spend all my time just being with her. By the time she goes to bed, I am ready for bed(lazy) and I can't blog from bed, so there you are...So here are some updates on my sweet little dumpling;

She is crawling like a champ and cruising the furniture like a pro. She stood up on her own yesterday, her dad and I witnessed the great event and thought she was just the smartest baby ever! She was sick with a stomach virus last week, that proceeded to wipe out the rest of the family, heh, that's my girl! Her Grammy Blanche has been watching Mia while Rich and I work, she and Mia have bonded really well, so glad. We are still working on her sleeping issues, but they are better, MUCH better!
I know, I know! Where are the pictures! Well, if I could open up the computer without Mia swarming to it like a moth to a flame, I probably could post some. Seriously, the girl loves the computer and screeches like a banshee if she sees you on it and you have the nerve not to invite her to play..
I hope you are all well, I'll catch up on your blogs, I swear I will and I'll post those pictures I promised to post....someday... :o)