I know....I know....I can almost see you guys shaking your fingers in shame, at me ( I need that little emoticon from the Ducky Board), but anyone who knows me, knows that I am a notorious procrastinator....Really, I am horrible.....If it didn't scare me more to NOT finish her room now, I would probably wait until the night we were due to leave for China to finish it and be in full panic mode, lol. What is wrong with me? Have I not come out of the wait fugue yet? Am I still in denial that this is finally going to happen??? Honest to God I am almost ambivalent, totally shameful....Is this what 3+ years of waiting does to you????

On a side note, we went to our second TRFCC meeting last night (thank you Leigh for encouraging us to join one). Had a GREAT time and met some new people and got re-aquainted(is that really a word? Jacqui?) with people we had met at the first meeting...What I think I loved the most was spending quality time with people who have been there, done that! So much information to be had and they really are great people.

Ahh, well, it's almost 10pm here and I have to get a load of laundry in. I have been saying that I was going to do a load since 8pm, but the procrastinator in me took over..lol. Hmmmm, House Hunters International is on, maybe just a quick peek, heh.
Well, Happy 40th LID anniversary to us!! I know that I am 99.9% sure that we will receive our referral next month. However, there is this little twinge of doubt that lingers. Why? Maybe it's because we are used to having the rug pulled out from under us, so until that sweet baby is in my arms, I am not sure that I can believe 100%. Kooky, huh?
While we did not receive a referral this month, I am pretty certain that we will get our referral next month.

There is something to be said for that. I mean. I am NEXT!!! I am pretty excited now and not at all upset about not getting our referral this month. I guess it just feels "right".

So, let the countdown to Mia FINALLY begin...

p.s I don't really dance like this, I am much worse :o)

Chrisser, I hope you are dusting off those dancing shoes!!

Those are the words of the new blog post on RQ......I can't even begin to tell you what those few words did to me. A little bit of dizzy excitement mixed with a nervous happiness. My mind is a whirlpool of thoughts and emotions.

Will my dh and I finally see our daughters face this month, or will our patience be tested for yet another month??? OMG! OMG! OMG! How do I stand this?? LOL!

Vacation was fun, though most of us ended up sick. Yes, we loved the cute adorableness of my niece Cali, we do NOT love her cold germs, lol.