I have to think that way or I just might lose it and not in a good way, lol.

I think part of the problem is that we have NO idea what CCAA is going to do this month. There is nothing out there as far as substantial rumors, nada, nothing, zilch!!
An early, VERY ugly rumor was that CCAA matched only one day this month....You could hear the collective March '06 LID'ers bang their heads against the wall, I swear it!
Usually this would be the week to hear something or was that last week?? Not sure, but it makes me nervous.

I know, have patience, my day will come, it'll be my turn soon...Lather..Rinse..Repeat....

Deana is on her way to Texas to continue her treatment there. Please continue to pray for her and her family. Thanks to everyone who joined her cause on Facebook, it means so much to them and to me too!

Deana is a lady on a message board that I belong to. Last year, she was diagnosed Burkitt's Lymphoma and has been fighting the battle for her life. Yesterday her and her husband got some bad news, I am asking that you pray for her and her family. She has two small boys, who need their mommy very much...

Here is the post her husband made yesterday, it is all just so sad and unfair....
Dearest friends, (written by dh, I just couldn't do it)

Deana and I met with her doctor today and received some disturbing news. Apparently Deana's cancer is not responding at all to the chemotherapy treatment she's been receiving these last several weeks. It has started to appear on the right side of her face causing a numbing sensation that Deana describes as 5 novacaine shots after a dentist visit.
Deana has tried two different chemotherapy protocols and is now going to start a third (possibly final) no later than Monday. We will know in as little as two weeks if it is successful.
To our shock and utter dismay, the doctor is not optimistic about this round of chemotherapy, but given the odds are greater than zero, we charge forward. We will not give in.
Tomorrow, Deana's oncologist and I will each be contacting medical oncologists at M. D. Anderson Hospital in Houston, TX. Apparently their lymphoma treatment is the most progressive and if there are applicable clinical trials with experimental drugs -- should it come to that -- that hospital will be leading those efforts.

Deana wanted me to let everyone know that while we are hopeful, and are trying to remain positive, that the doctor did tell us that given the aggressive nature of Deana's cancer, we are dealing with just a matter of weeks for Deana if not addressed. He has encouraged us to contact Hospice.
I apologize for the impersonal nature of this update, but wanted to make sure to keep you all informed.
Please keep Deana and our boys Zane and Zachary in your prayers. It means so much to us. We need them now more than ever.

On a much happier note, when asked last week by his teacher how Zane's parents met (apparently a Valentine's Day exercise at school), he responded:
They ate chocolate donuts, brown donuts and chocolate donuts and just fellin love.

Priceless. This hangs on our refrigerator now.

Please, please take the extra moment to hug your spouse and kids today and often.
Either I or Deana will post an update just as soon as we know more.

God bless you all,

I think its an great idea to take that extra moment today to tell those close to you how much you love them and hug them.....
This is the fortune in my fortune cookie tonight.....Could it possibly mean......

I LIKE IT!! I can't wait, I cant believe we are this close, well if you could say 5 months is close, hahaha!

Just look at that picture, isn't that the look of pure joy!! Our beloved Steelers won the Superbowl after a real nail biter, winning the game with a touchdown in the LAST 35 seconds of the game! OH MAN, it was SOOOO exciting!!

CCAA finally updated their website to indicate that they matched up to March 2nd. Yeah, we knew that, but now it's official and March is on the board!!! Yeah! 22 log in dates to go!