Hope everyone has a great New Year's. Stay safe out there!
"Cue scary music"
Starring Rich and Jen, as two desparate parents at the end of their pitiful ropes and Mia as the baby who has decided to stop sleeping at night and torture her parents until they break!
This has been our reality for the past couple and half weeks, lol. Hence, the lack of will or desire to post anything. I am just tired, lol. Some nights are good, she'll sleep really well, but that is only after nights where she is only getting like a total of 7-8 hours. One night she kept me up until 6am, I kid you not. My wonderful hubby stayed home that day, so mommy's head would not pop off and she could get some sleep.....That was a bad day...

Don't get me wrong, Mia is happy, content, a great baby, which is good, very good. When Mia doesn't want to sleep and keeps me up to 6am in the morning, I feel so in adequate, inept and desperate for some magical answer. I know it is not unusual for babies to have sleep issues. I know it is especially not unusual for internationally adopted children to have sleep issues. Maybe she is still grieving, maybe she is scared that if she falls asleep and wakes up, everything will be changed. Will the people here now, not be.....Or maybe this is just something all babies goe thru and will work itself out in time.....ahhh, I don't know, it's a mystery to me. Believe me I am not complaining AT ALL! I know there are many that would change places with me in a heartbeat. It's just at those times I just wish there was something I could do to make it better for her....
As I sat on the couch today, holding my sleeping daughter, watching her lay peacefully and trusting in my arms, I just felt such a love for her, felt it in the core of my being, that I was thinking "aww, who needs sleep anyway", lol.

Oh, btw, she has four teeth now, WOW!!

Few pics for you guys
Christmans Pic

so cute!!

Making music!

Playing with Daddy
I heard my husband exclaim this, as he changed the baby's diaper this evening!

The Great Wall - Amazing

The Forbidden City = Beautiful and Huge!

Mao's Tomb and Tiananmen Square
This guy cracked me up. I was trying to get a shot of Mao's tomb and just as I snapped the pic, he stepped in front of the camera, heh.

Dinner, err I forget where, but I do remember that the food was excellent! That's Ed, Laura and sweet Olivia in the pic..

Walmart. I was feeding Mia and a group of Chinese ladies walked by and took an interest in us. They were talking a mile a minute and examining Mia's pants and laughing. I assumed they were looking for the split in her pants, wondering how the baby was going to go to the bathroom, lol.

Pics of the lobby of the Jin Feng hotel

Visiting a Dao Temple, it was so peacefull and tranquil. As I snapped the pic of the man sitting on the bench, I couldn't help but hope that his thoughts were happy..

In this pic we entered a courtyard where the monks were just starting a ceremony (building to the left) We were not allowed to film or take pictures of it, but I will tell you, that the music and chanting were hauntingly beautiful. I cried watching it, wondering if Mia would ever get to see this part of her culture , it was so moving.

Dao himself, taming the Dragon