Just when you think it's safe to believe the good rumors, the bad rumors come along and pull the rug from beneath you. It is being reported in China referral land, that CCAA has only matched up to 11-07-05. Not that I really "believed" that CCAA had matched families up to the middle of November, but it is still sucky to realize they haven't.

OH, OH, OH!!! We did get some good news today. Normally when you adopt overseas, you have to file a I-600A Orphan Petition. That is, getting approval to adopt a child overseas and bring them to the U.S. Well, when we filed the first time, the fee was $545, plus $70 a person finger printing fee. As of 7-31-07, this fee is going up to $750 dollars. Yeah, you read that right, not to mention having to pay $70 a piece for finger printing, it adds up quickly. Well, if we file again prior to our I-171H expiring, we won't have to pay the fee, YAY!!!
....have a way of making you crazy!

The current rumor(it's just that), is that CCAA is going to make it to 11/16, possibly up to 11/20 with referrals this time. While I would love to see this rumor come true, I know enough to know, that November is a big month and this is most likely NOT true. I wonder which part of me is the masochistic part that wants to believe this rumor, oh yeah, that would be my heart.

Anyway, I'll just be glad if they do more than last month. Hey, I'll take what I can get at this point, lol.