...in case you were wondering! I know I haven't posted in awhile, but that should clue you in on how unexciting my life is at the moment, lol. Nothing new to report, hopefully rumors will start to come in before the Chinese New Year. I hope everyone is well and dealing with cold and snow ok.
Punxsutawney Phil said there would be an early spring, because he didn't see his shadow. He better have been telling the truth...'cause we know where he lives.....

Hugs and smoochies

CCAA has finished reviewing dossiers registered with their office before 3/22. We missed being out of the review room by TWO days????!!!!!!!!! OHHHHH>>.. that just sucks big time!!!!
Now I have to wait a month or two more, to see if we are out?? One or two more months sweating it out!!!!!! I could just scream!!!!!
I think the news is goood. Everyone who logged in from 9/28/05 thru 10/13/05 received their referrals today. I know there are many happy families our there. That's an awesome 16 days of referrals!!! Does this mean a speed up, who knows(shrugs). Does this mean we are one step closer to our daughter, YEAH!!!

On a side note, we still don't know if we are out of the review room. Let's hope for good news in that area real soon!