Well, here we are, another year under our belts. I am thankful that all of our immediate family will be home and we can celebrate together. It's this time of year, that really brings into focus what family really is. Where would we all be without each other? We should never take each other for granted, because time is so fleeting and life so precious...
This morning my thoughts turn to a little girl, possibly not even born yet, who already has a family that loves her, a family that eagerly waits for her....Merry Christmas, Mia, we love you...

Scary,not quite myself and not really in the Christmas spirit this year.
"warning, complete whine ahead"
I am tired of waiting for our daughter, disappointed at us having to spend another Christmas without her. Tired of the referral times getting longer and not having a good explanation of why, when my family asks. ARGGGGHHHH!!!!!

Ok now that I have that off my chest, I am watching "House", I just love this show!!
Well, no real news to report at this point. We're still in the Review Room, collecting cobwebs there actually, cross fingers and toes that we make it thru without being questioned. If we are, I plan on blaming whatever it is on Rich, ahahahahahaha!!!!! I crack myself up! Just kidding, Dear!! (snicker)
I wasn't going to post this, but as the old saying goes.."Misery loves company"....

Referrals came in today, CCAA only matched 10 days worth of referrals., from August 30 to September 8.

Bright side???? If you know of one, comment away.........

On the lighter side, my friend Kelly sent me this picture, Lol, it's a picture of "squatty potty", thanks pal....hahaha!
Ok some please tell me if this is normal or not so normal, whatever the case may be
So, last night I dreamt that I was in China (you with me so far?). I was using one of the dreaded (squatty) potties in a room with a bunch of people. So, I flush the pottie and to my horror, the stupid thing begins to overflow: (leave it to me to overflow a dream pottie) Anyway, some Chinese ladies walk over and tell me it wasn't my fault, they could tell by what I ate (ewww,ok, I don't even want to go there myself, ok) I thank them for helping me and walk into the lobby of White Swan hotel, then into a restaurant (have no clue if there really is one). Bunch of Americans sitting around, I start talking to them. A Chinese lady walks up to be and tells me I can go up to the buffet now. I say ok, but that I have to go to the bathroom. She points me in the direction of the bathroom. So, I walk up these steps and have to squeeze thru the door, because it's only like () wide. I get in there and I am relieved to find western style toilets there, so happy and content I sit down to, well,to take care of business. I am sitting there thinking, is this a dream? Nah, cant be a dream, because it is so real!!!, I kept thinking the pottie fiasco was the dream,Yet I cant remember anything about getting my referral, flying over, actually staying at the hotel, then I just wake up! WTH!! I think I have totally lost it now!! I am ready to check into the loony bin now.
That's how long the wait has been for us, as of today. To me it doesn't "seem" that long, but in reality, that's a frickin long time. I have been okay with the wait so far, only have semi meltdowns on a bi-weekly basis. Rich on the other hand, well, has become a blog-aholic. Yes, my man has taken to surfing the web for anything, everything, China adoption. He says it helps him with the wait, which is a good thing.. Sometimes it leads to baby shopping, which is a VERY good thing! Yesterday he comes up to me, wild eyed and panicked, saying that he read on this ladies blog, who's LID is the same and SHE has already starting shopping for the trip, we have nothin!! Now those of you who know my husband, can probably guess where this is going, you didn't nickname him the Spaz for nothin!
Fast forward 4 hours and 4 stores later, I am a glassy eyed drooling mess. Who knew that shopping for a baby, could reduce a person to a incoherent blob, how did this come to be me. OH YEAH, it must have been the going to 4 different stores, looking for bottle liners we could have gotten at the FIRST store, my husband is a nut! Well., I took a few pictures of our loot(now look who is the nut) for you to gaze upon. Notice the cute outfits, couldnt resist! Most of this stuff is going to China with us, really, this is not even half the stuff we need to get. How we'll fit this into two suit cases, including our stuff, is beyond me. I wonder whose bright idea only allowing two suitcases was!

Things I am thankful for......
My husband, boy, I sure know how to pick em, don't I *just kidding* thanks for making me laugh and for being willing to go on the journey with me.
My family and friends, yeah, we have our quirks, but I wouldn't trade any of you. "well except maybe Donna,that girl is CRAZY!!" just kidding, haha!
I am thankful that we are all healthy, whole and somewhat normal. So many families don't get to spend the holidays with the ones they love and I feel so blessed to have you all.
I hope you all stuff yourselves silly tomorrow and enjoy the good times!
PJ, Donna, Chris and Brenden, sorry you wont be here for Thanksgiving, but cant wait to see you at Christmas!!
Love to you all!
Jenny and Rich
From one of the blogs that I read, a rumor has been posted that CCAA(Chinese Center of Adoption Affairs) is possibly going be matching ALL of September '05. This is a HUGE deal, because CCAA has been doing partial months for a very long time. This could point to a speed up in referral times, or it could be a gift to say "hey we're trying". This blog is very reputable as to having connections to people who are "in the know", so I am very optimistic about it.
If this happens, then other rumors of CCAA trying to keep the wait under 15 months, could have some merit. It gives me hope that next time this year, we will be celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas with our daughter!! How awesome would that be!!!! Possibly getting our referral by May or June of next year!! Come on CCAA!
It has been on my mind for a long time to do this. I know that gazillions of people out there have blogs and are bloggy people. I hope I dont disappoint!! I hope that family and friends feel comfortable posting here. Now, I just have to let them know that I am..well....here.

I'll hopefully post more later. I just wanted to welcome people and let you know that you'll have to register to post, sorry about that!

I am so very grateful for the support that hubby and I have gotten up to this point. It's been such a long road so far, with so many twists and turns. I'll just be grateful if you all want to share the ride with us.

Stay tuned for updates or news.....

Much Love,