1874 Harry Houdini (Magician)is born( I guess this is where he got the idea of being an escape artist)

1882 Henry Wadsworth Longfellow dies.

1923 Greece becomes a republic

1960 A U.S.appeals court ruled that the novel, Lady Chatterly’s Lover, was not obscene and could be sent through the mail. (Try it and see)

1968 The Metropolitan Life Insurance Company is formed

1987 Lean on Me - Club Nouveau-Tops the charts

1989 At four minutes past midnight, the Exxon Valdez, a 987-foot supertanker loaded with 1,264,155 barrels of North Slope crude oil, ran aground on Bligh Reef in Prince William Sound, Alaska. 11.2 million gallons of oil spilled into the sea (I remember this, what a disaster. I hope someone smacked that guy on the back of the head! What a dumbass!)

2002 Halle Berry *On this date in 2002, the first African-American woman won the Academy Award for best actress.Halle Berry became the first Black woman to win an Oscar for a starring performance.(You go Girl!)Oh Yeah,Denzel Washington won the Oscar for Best Male performance.

2004 astronomers reported finding an object with a diameter of 800/1,100 miles circling the sun far beyond the orbit of any known planet.It's dubbed a planetoid.( Uh Huh...)

2005 The PlayStation portable is released. (yeah, like we needed another video game player)

2006 Our Dossier is logged in at CCAA. (all was right with the world)

2007 a Democratic sponsored resolution calling for U.S.combat troops to begin withdrawing from Iraq within 120 days and be fully out of the country by March 31,2008, failed in the Senate by 10 votes on a 50 to 48 count.(thanks for that one guys, I am sure families of the men over there appreciated it)

2009 We celebrate(that might be stretching it a bit)3 years of still being logged in with CCAA.(what the heck??!!)

Well, this was a fun little excercise, one I plan on NOT repeating next year, lol. I was interested on what else had happened on this date in history. Some great things happened and some...ummm...not so great things... Interesting to read that even though we waited, time moved forward and history was being made...

On a lighter note, I ordered new curtains for Mia's room, YEAH! They are SOOO cute and I can't wait for them to come in. I am really itching to finish her room, but I am afraid of jinxing myself. My dh bought a crib the day we found out we were logged in with CCAA...and now it's three years later....I'm just sayin.... :o)
where the rumor mill stops, nobody knows!!

Rumor Queen has heard of two rumors of potential cut off dates for the next batch of referrals, both are not confirmed and not reliable, but what the hell, I'll get on the rollercoaster ride this month.
The first is that the cutoff will be the 9th (BOO!) and the other says the cut off is for the 14th (YAY!)
I temper this with the 7th of March 2006, rumored to have alot of people logged in on that day, some say CCAA wont be able to do more than that day, OY!

So, who wants to join me for the ride?? :o)
I deleted the post I made last night, it sounded too angry. I decided that it really did not belong here, so it's gone.....I feel better about it...I guess I was just venting and needed to get it "out"...soooo, the poison is out, time to let the good feelings back in!!
It's official, CCAA matched TWO whole days *sarcastic applause*. While this is the most excellent and happiest of news for those seeing their babies faces for the first time and kids finding their forever families, it royally sucks for the rest of us, lol. I know what you are thinking...ummm..isnt that four days, you goof...well yeah, but the 4th and 5th are the weekend and I am not sure there were people logged in on those days...I am not really in the habit of being a whiny brat, but given the current state of waiting, I hope I am cut some slack! :o) Anyway, it's four days off the calendar!
I was excited when they started referring our month, I guess I just expected them to be a little further into it by now....Now with March 7th 2006 standing in front of us like a brick wall...totally prepared that CCAA does only that day, anything more would be a total gift...
Thanks Leigh, for putting it all into perspective and what the end result of all this ugly waiting will be. I really appreciate it. I am down off the wall for the moment and looking forward to baby shopping this weekend!