Rumors are starting to come in saying the cut off is January 12th. Last month the cutoff date was January 9th, so if you are saying that would only mean 3 days worth of LID"s you would be right on the money. Not that this is not terribly discouraging, but considering that the 12 is rumored to be a big LID day, then it is not surprising either.

As the Olympics in Beijing China draw closer, I would expect that we continue to see small batches leading up to the Olympics and possibly see no referrals for the month of August or a very small batch. I am preparing myself now, because China does NOT want to have a huge AI profile during the Olympics and they have been doing a lot in the previous months (at least in our eyes) to keep it looking that way. (i.e. small batches)

On a more positive note, I am going to start on Mia's room this spring. I need to do something, not only to keep me sane, but something to make me feel close to her. I still haven decided on a color for her room. I am thinking a light shade of lavender and doing a stenciled boarder of butterflies and flowers. Starting to get excited about it, whoo hooo!
We have been looking at furniture to put in the room, we already have the crib, so we need a dresser/changing table and a book case. I also want to get a small table and chairs for her to sit and color or whatever.
gotta just roll with the punches sometimes...

Referrals are starting to come in and it appears that the cut-off for this month is January 9th. That means 5 days worth of LID's were matched. The only good thing about it, is that at least it brings me a little closer to referral and I do mean
"a little".