No, not that kind of butterfly... I am talking about the ones that live in the pit of my stomach, making me extremely nervous....
Referrals came out today and CCAA matched up to February 28. For you Leap Year afficionados, that means February 2006 is DONE and next month CCAA will be starting on March 2006 LIDS...did you get that? MARCH!!!!!

There is a website that calculates when you will get a referral based on how many LID's CCAA is matching a month and what your LID is.

Ours is well, you know, just look above this post silly...based on today's number of referrals our referral is expected (I try not to expect TOO much) to come in May...


That's five months away, people! So it appears we will be traveling in late June, early July.....All I can say is WOW, am I really going to become a mom after all this time??????

Well this is based on if CCAA continues matching as they have. If they do more days, it will be sooner....YAY!!!! If they do less days, it will take longer....BOOOOO!

(I know that the blog is now green. I am so tired of the pink, but now it's ALL green. Don't know if I like it yet, but I am so not techie and I don't know how to create what I want, bleh....
Even though this year was filled with hard times and sadness, I feel like there is still so much to be thankful for.
This time next year, we will have Mia with us and I know that my mom is watching over her until we can bring Mia home.
I hope Mia is somewhere safe, has enough to eat and has someone to give her love on this Christmas day.
Daddy and I love you Mia. We'll be together soon!

As of today, CCAA has matched up to February 23rd 2006. That puts us at 28 log in days before they get to our log in date of 3/24/06. Umm, that seems so close, but I KNOW that it will take CCAA months to get there. *sigh* I wont be to sad though, it is getting closer and closer, that is so exciting!