it never told me what I wanted to hear....Will referrals speed up?..."can't predict right now"....Will there be a big referral match this month...."No"(GRRRR!!!)....."Will my referral come in '08...."Decidedly hazy, ask again later"..yeah, my whole life has been about "later", umm..lately.. (roll eyes)

So I put up a memory game!! YAY!!! So, have fun, I am off to watch
"Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon". Love this movie!! Love "House of Flying Daggers" too!, I am sucker for an ill fated love story.....
I just realized that today was our 17th month anniversary! What a drag...The wait just never seems to have an end. I know you guys must feel like I am constantly whining about it, but misery loves company :),
I cannot watch this video without tearing up. OMG it just says EVERYTHING!!! (just click the arrow)

Stephen Curtis Chapman and his wife adopted 3 girls from China, this is his song for them and about adoption.

LOOK, just LOOK at these referral predications, made by the great Rumor Queen, based on current referral trends.

Ugh, talk about depressing, Crikey! By the time we get our daughter, we'll be too old to lift her, lol. In fact, she'll be pushing us around....around in our wheelchairs, haha!

Pray that these predictions prove to be way off, or I just may go off the deep
The cut off date for this month is 11-21-05, whahhh!!!!

However, as disappointing as that is, there are babies that now have a family to love them and that's a good thing!

I asked the Magic 8 Ball is referrals would speed, it said

"Can't predict right now"