...been along huge long time since I have posted, but then you already know that....Time seems to go by at the blink of an eye these day...Mia is almost three...THREE!!!! I can hardly believe it.

Parenting is hard...HARD work I tell you...but it also the most rewarding thing ever...Mia is the most sweetest baby(I cant even call her that anymore whaaaa!) and the most demanding, opinionated, stubborn, cutest, loving, cranky and so not the morning baby (there I go again..) I think I am in denial that she is growing up right before my eyes...I am so proud of all she has accomplished but so sad to see the baby years go...she really is growing up into a little(big)girl now..

Some recent pics..

Hard to believe that she has grown up from this precious little baby

To my precious little girl

My Wings!


Daddy's princess.