Well, here we are, another year under our belts. I am thankful that all of our immediate family will be home and we can celebrate together. It's this time of year, that really brings into focus what family really is. Where would we all be without each other? We should never take each other for granted, because time is so fleeting and life so precious...
This morning my thoughts turn to a little girl, possibly not even born yet, who already has a family that loves her, a family that eagerly waits for her....Merry Christmas, Mia, we love you...

Scary,not quite myself and not really in the Christmas spirit this year.
"warning, complete whine ahead"
I am tired of waiting for our daughter, disappointed at us having to spend another Christmas without her. Tired of the referral times getting longer and not having a good explanation of why, when my family asks. ARGGGGHHHH!!!!!

Ok now that I have that off my chest, I am watching "House", I just love this show!!
Well, no real news to report at this point. We're still in the Review Room, collecting cobwebs there actually, cross fingers and toes that we make it thru without being questioned. If we are, I plan on blaming whatever it is on Rich, ahahahahahaha!!!!! I crack myself up! Just kidding, Dear!! (snicker)