The Great Wall - Amazing

The Forbidden City = Beautiful and Huge!

Mao's Tomb and Tiananmen Square
This guy cracked me up. I was trying to get a shot of Mao's tomb and just as I snapped the pic, he stepped in front of the camera, heh.


lmgnyc said...

Love the pics. Whassup with that guy though? hehehe

Gabrielle said...

Gorgeous photos. Makes me want to go! We have talked about China, including Beijing and Shanghai but just haven't gotten there.

Sherri said...

love the pictures!! and the guy who popped over for a pose, too funny!

Ed and Laura said...

Hey Jenn and Rich,

I am going to look on my computer tonight and send you a photo of Rich hiking up the Great Wall to the place we made it too.

Hope all is going well and continue to update us.

Ed and Laura