"Cue scary music"
Starring Rich and Jen, as two desparate parents at the end of their pitiful ropes and Mia as the baby who has decided to stop sleeping at night and torture her parents until they break!
This has been our reality for the past couple and half weeks, lol. Hence, the lack of will or desire to post anything. I am just tired, lol. Some nights are good, she'll sleep really well, but that is only after nights where she is only getting like a total of 7-8 hours. One night she kept me up until 6am, I kid you not. My wonderful hubby stayed home that day, so mommy's head would not pop off and she could get some sleep.....That was a bad day...

Don't get me wrong, Mia is happy, content, a great baby, which is good, very good. When Mia doesn't want to sleep and keeps me up to 6am in the morning, I feel so in adequate, inept and desperate for some magical answer. I know it is not unusual for babies to have sleep issues. I know it is especially not unusual for internationally adopted children to have sleep issues. Maybe she is still grieving, maybe she is scared that if she falls asleep and wakes up, everything will be changed. Will the people here now, not be.....Or maybe this is just something all babies goe thru and will work itself out in time.....ahhh, I don't know, it's a mystery to me. Believe me I am not complaining AT ALL! I know there are many that would change places with me in a heartbeat. It's just at those times I just wish there was something I could do to make it better for her....
As I sat on the couch today, holding my sleeping daughter, watching her lay peacefully and trusting in my arms, I just felt such a love for her, felt it in the core of my being, that I was thinking "aww, who needs sleep anyway", lol.

Oh, btw, she has four teeth now, WOW!!

Few pics for you guys
Christmans Pic

so cute!!

Making music!

Playing with Daddy


Anonymous said...

Dear Jen,
Wow she is getting so big. It is just like having a new born. Them getting use to the knew place. I ahd problems with both of my boys sleeping. The doctor suggested of putting soft music on while they slept. If she is use to noise while in foster care this may help her sleep it worked for my boys try it. I hope that this will help. It is worth a try. I hope you have a wonderful holiday with you and your family. God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Oh it is a process. They will teeth until 2-2 1/2 which doesn't help. Better living through Motrin.

Its trial and error at first.
Is it too light or dark? Our girl likes a night light.
Is it to quiet or noisy? Our girl sleeps with easy listening music.
Is it too hot or cold?

Is she having lactose issues? Our girl did.

Encourage quiet rest when she wakes at night. It does get better. Oh and sleep when she does if you can.

My girl rarely slept through the night from 11 months until the last of the blasted molars came through. She went back down quick enough, I didn't so much. I napped alot with her. And hubby would take on nights at least one night a week to spell me.

Sleep deprivation stinks. It will pass and you all are so newly home.


Anonymous said...

PS, She is a cutie. Your "old" normal is gone. This is a transition time to your "new" normal.


Jacqui said...

You must have caught up on some sleep. I love what you did to your blog layout. Might I suggest a little darker on the text so it's more of a contrast to make it easier to read? these old eyes need all the help we can get.
Merry Christmas!

lmgnyc said...

I love the new look of your blog. So what does Mia do when she doesn't sleep? Is she playing, or crying, or clinging or pushing you away? Anyway, you'll figure it out cuz you're the Mommy.
Good luck and feel free to complain, it's ok, it's normal. :-)

Jenny said...

When Mia is fighting sleep, usually she pushes away from me, if I don't set her down, she'll start grabbing for anything and everything within reach. Which includes glasses, eyes, noses, lips, earings, necklaces, which I have given up wearing, lol. The thing is, I KNOW she is tired and she wants to sleep, she just fights it so so hard...

Glad you guys like the new look of the blog. I am not HTML savvy, so I am still trying to tweak things.

Lesa said...

Jen, she is getting so big!! Look at her hold herself up!
We miss you three. Have a Wonderful New Year.