Rumors are starting to come out, that the cutoff for December of '05 is the 12th. Which would be a good thing. I can't help wonder, given the time of year, are we in for another Trick, or a Treat this month........I guess we'll find out soon!


Colette said...

Jen...what a terrible friend I am! I have been meaning to check your blog for so long and feel so bad! I am praying for you are so due for your referral! Keep me posted I miss you on the ducky board!

Kim said...

I read your RQ post. I went through all that too, so don't be too hard on yourself. It's a very tiring process!

Christy said...

I just read your post on RQ and I totally unerstand. During our wait I felt the same way. I felt total guilt becuase of the loss of interest in the adoption. But, with that said, when it gets a little closer to your LID, the interest will come back like crazy!! You will be totally consumed!! Good luck with you wait!!!

Christy :)

Christy said...

BY the way, you are having a Mia too. I think you have been to my blog but if not my blog is

You can see my Mia!!

Christy :)

Jenny said...

Thank you Ladies,

For your sweet kind words. We all know how hard the wait is, regardless if your adoption is domestic or international. Rich and I appreciate the support. I will make sure that Rich reads what you wrote, it will lift his spirts.