Since I last posted. Referrals haven't come in yet, probably in a few days to a week. Not alot of rumor out there, but the consensus is that 11/21 is the cut off date. So, that's 7 days worth of referrals, if it's true, which it probably is.
I can't believe it's been 16 months and one week, since we logged in with China. It just blows my mind, because when we started this process, the wait was 6 months, lol, we're way past that now!
Going on vacation in a week and a half, boy do Rich and I need it. We so need a break from everything adoption, the wait has just been weighing so heavily on our minds.

Here is a picture of the house we rented, isn't it purty!

I can't wait to go!!!!

(Can't wait for the day, when we can say we got ours)

The cutoff date for this month is 11-14-05, so that is exactly 7 days worth of referrals. Our agency did not receive referrals this month, their next LID date is 11-17-05, so next month those people will get their referrals.

Well, while the slow progress is annoying and frustrating, it IS progress and better than none at all. November is rumored to be a big months, so I am not really upset by the 7 days.

Anywho, that's my news for today!!