(Can't wait for the day, when we can say we got ours)

The cutoff date for this month is 11-14-05, so that is exactly 7 days worth of referrals. Our agency did not receive referrals this month, their next LID date is 11-17-05, so next month those people will get their referrals.

Well, while the slow progress is annoying and frustrating, it IS progress and better than none at all. November is rumored to be a big months, so I am not really upset by the 7 days.

Anywho, that's my news for today!!


Colette said...

Hey girl... I have been thinking about you! How are you????Hugs

Jenny said...


Thanks for thinking of me, sweetie. I am doing ok, just trying to deal with the wait. I can't believe it's been 16 months. Incredible, but no end in sight!
I know it won't be long for you, Colette. I am so excited for you!!

Duckess Jen