Well, if no one is, it will be no great surprise to me! Who am I? Well the old me was called "Jenny", the new me is called "Supreme Slacker to lazy to update her blog"! In my defense, I work 8hrs a day at a full time job, when I get home I spend the remaining 3-4 hours glued to Mia's side. I know you all understand, I love you for that.

Anywho...We have all been doing great. Mia is growing like a weed. She has ten teeth now and she knows how to use them, heh. She is constantly on the go, walking like a champ! I sometimes still cannot believe that this little girl is here. It's like a miracle that I get to relive day after day...She has change SO much since she has been home. To make my point, here are some before and after pics.

I cannot believe how much I love this child, I truly love her. It wasn't always like this, *gasp*, really to be honest it wasn't. I mean I loved her, but it was a different love. When we first met her and brought her home, I think I was still in shock that, (a)someone felt I was worthy enough to have this beautiful child placed in my arms and, (b) holy shiznit, I am a MOM!! Now what do I do!.
I don't want to get all gushy or corny and talk about love oozing out of me (haha, Rich), but really it took me awhile to feel that love of a mother for her child, to feel that connection...and it's the bestest feeling...I belong to her...

Ok, now what you all are really here for. What!!?? I am under no illusion that you all really come here to read my amazing words of insight, hehe. I will try to go in some kind of order here...

1st Birtday!

Like my hat?!

Me and Pap Pap

Me and Grandma

Hey, let me out!

Wheee, I love the swing! (for like a second)

At a my cousin's wedding in April (excuse mommy's big nose, heh)

Mom, would you please stop taking my picture so I can eat, sheesh!

At the Zoo!

Me and Daddy

Getting ready for my first swim!

I held onto this bottle of sunblock the whole time, always wear your sunscreen!!

Spaghetti Madness!

Me and my new set of wheels..


lmgnyc said...

Oh. My. God. You are a mind reader! We were just talking about you I swear!!!! Kate, Maggie S, QJ, Capecod Lynn, Nancy B and I got together this weekend and we were wondering what had happened to you!!!! And here you are with an update, it's like you heard us or something. So happy to hear that Mia is doing well and so thrilled to see the pics. She is getting so big and she sure has changed. She's lovely Jenny, really. Enjoy her. And thanks so much for the update. We miss you!

Gabrielle said...

So great to see you and her! And that first picture of her Daddy and her....they look so alike in their pose for the picture. Wow, the last picture really does make her look like such a big girl and a CUTE one at that. It is amazing how time flies. Thanks so much for the update. We are patient, but not THAT patient. I have been thinking about you a lot!

Lesa said...

OMG!!! Ahhhh, she is so dang cute! And her hair has grown.
I sure miss you guys. Wendy says hello "Fiend with Fangs".

Anonymous said...

Jen she is really getting big. She is beautiful. I am so glad she is doing so well. She looks like she has grown a lot. I know God has blessed you with such a gift and the joy that the both of you ahve on your faces is pricelies. God Bless and keep the pictires coming.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jenny, haven't been able to check in for a while because I was interweb-less, but I'm so glad I did! Mia has to be the most photogenic baby ever. Except when you're trying to get her to look at the camera of course lol. She looked especially fabulous in her formal wedding wear. I'm stealing some of these pictures so I can have some framed of her.

Anonymous said...

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