My sweet little girl turns 1 today! Saturday is the big party with family. I just hope that it doesn't snow too bad that day.

The following video is dedicated to my sweet Mia. Every time she hears this song, she stops whatever she is doing and listens ever so intently, bobs her head to the music and smiles..Love you baby girl...takes us away with you, my love...

Happy Birthday from Mommy and Daddy!


Anonymous said...

dear Jen,
wow she is one years old. What a mile stone. She beautiful. i would like to see more pictures. Did you do a year old picture yet.How is the family doing? I hope well. i know you are busy with your new little one but how is your whole family doing? Have you started the healing with your family? How was the holidays with your family? Things with mine are mending. I just wanted to let you know that time heals all wonds. I am finding this out first hand I hope this is happening to you and your family. God Bless. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. Happy Birthday Mia. hugs and kisses

Jacqui said...

When I pressed play on the video, Roma had to come over and listen too. She likes it. It's a cute song.

Happy Birthday Mia!

lmgnyc said...

How did I miss her birthday????? Happy birthday sweetheart!

Gabrielle said...

Hope your party today is a wonderful one!

Lopez Family said...

Happy Birthday Mia

Lesa said...

That is so wonderful!! I can't believe she is now one year old! Dang where did the months go.
Cute song... I would bob my head too I can see why she likes it.

Happy birthday sweet Mia!!!!!

Auntie Lesa and family